About Us

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Our Vision

Windy Winery is a new winery but has taken 24 years to build the foundation. Our vision is to build an attractive future for our winery. We want to set the benchmark for excellent wines. However, we realize that there will always be room for improvement! We are sure that our job will never be completely over.

The Founders

August and Linda Meitzen

Always wanting to create something delicious, flavorful, and relaxing, August and Linda Meitzen started with something small – brewing beer in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, their children enjoyed the beer more than they did!  They moved to the next logical step – whiskey!  But. . . you can’t legally brew whiskey in your kitchen.  After some reflection, they realized that their hearts weren’t in liquor or beer, but in wine. A winery!

Building something from a personal vision and passion – that’s the American way!  Behind the beautiful, fragrant bouquets and tannins of the delightful wine at Windy Winery goes a lot of hard work, sweat, and passion.  With a goal and a plan, the Meitzens planted their first vines in 2000, but it would be another 5 years before they found the perfect blend of craftsmanship and hard work to open the doors at Windy Winery and sell their first bottles of their deliciously refreshing and full-bodied wines.  An American dream materialized into reality.

Now, they can look out with pride as carefully tended vines sit in tidy rows on top of a beautifully sunny hilltop in Brenham, TX.  Linda and August have devoted thousands of hours developing an inviting, welcoming space for you (and your family!) to sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the Texas hills with a delightful glass of wine (or more!).  Windy Winery is a lovely place to admire the famous Bluebonnets in the spring, get your feet stomping on some juicy grapes in the summer, or savor the refreshing breeze of a stunning autumn day with your friends.

Linda and August are passionate about creating new and unique wine combinations that delight the senses.  They thrive on being bold and innovative in their boutique winery, and it shows in their products.  Flavor combinations such as the Heritage – a refreshingly smooth blend of Blanc Du Bois grapes and cranberries or the Lady Lavender – a light, bright combination of Blanc Du Bois grapes and exceptional quality culinary lavender to delight the senses.  For those who prefer darker tones, the blend masters at Windy Winery have developed the Sonora – a sumptuous, dry Cabernet Sauvignon infused with decadent dark cherries.  In true Texas style, the Meitzens created Jal-spice – a sweet red infused with fresh, local jalapenos that delivers the beloved combination of sweet and spicy in this palate tantalizing favorite.

At Windy Winery, you’ll find our relaxed, homestyle hospitality awaits you with every sip.

We enjoy popping the cork on one of our signature wines, and we hope that you do, too.  Come join us and experience Windy Winery for yourselves!