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The Texas Wine Market is becoming more mature and people from other locations in the US and foreign areas are becoming aware of the unique wine from Texas grapes. Windy Winery is true to the concept of Texas Wines from Texas Grapes©. We have spent 24 years developing wine from Texas grapes because we are proud of our heritage and Texas Wine History. We are located on a beautiful hill top a few miles from Brenham.

Texas Wine From Texas Grapes

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Why Windy Winery is Different

There are 124 wineries in Texas. Windy Winery is one of the few Texas Wineries that use Texas grapes "exclusively" and bottles 100% of our product on site. This practice assures Windy customers receive the highest quality product possible. We know exactly what goes into our wine! Others buy grape juice from California and Europe making blends and claiming their product is a Texas wine. Windy was founded to provide consumers with the highest quality "Texas" boutique wines. We would like you to visit with us and sample our "Texas Wines From Texas Grapes"©

Our Winery

Windy Winery has developed high quality wines that range from robust to fruity and some are wonderfully subtle. August and Linda Meitzen are true to the region's history and are owner operators with ancestral heritage that dates back to the Country of Texas in 1837.
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